The formulae to sell

Do you want to make something so engaging that your prospect will not get away without seeing it? The answer is simple, add movement to the graphic design and have an irresistible idea behind it. Animation is what people just love to see. The span of attention is increased automatically as the video form of animation comes into play. It saves a person from reading too much text and keeps engagement level high by the different movements an animation has to offer.



You only have 10 seconds to grab the attention of your prospect so make them count. An animation can drive up your sales 60 to 80 percent. All you have to do is get a professional animated video which explains about your business in the most creative manner.

Animation can be used for a promotional purpose of a business. It is really effective if communicated with a great story line and creativity. The whiteboard animation is a way full of visual drawing that takes place with the video and an explanatory audio running in the back ground. This is a popular and effective way to explain something.

Dot 5 Design has the expertise in all sorts of animations types. Animation can be for presenting to the employees, sharing on your website, advertising and so on. We can pitch in the best ideas and provide with the most proficient animations for whatever purpose you wish for.

Experts at Dot 5 Design know how to design the perfect ideas, characters and video type to entice your target audience. With our secret marketing formulae, you can increase your sales by folds. We know the right mix of effects, animation, music, voice over and copy. Animation is a popular way of advertising and copywriting for your business.


Have you noticed the rise in the number of animations or animated videos for so many businesses? It is because this is the best way to make your prospect listen to you because animation shows quality and professionalism. Being the most interactive and engaging format of marketing, animated videos have become an essential need for every business.




This sort of animation can be used to explain things via the use of pencil and drawing pictures as the audio in the background explains what is being drawn. It is a popular way to explain and illustrate about your product or business or anything else of your choice. You can use this for longer video demonstrations.

Stop motion

This is the technique where you can use real objects and collect components or take pictures to use in the animation. The pictures are then combined to give an illusion. You can use this technique to illustrate something for real. Such videos are usually of an average length.

Computer generated

Here computer graphics are graphically designed and used according to the customer demand. This sort of animation is of high quality and contains 2D as well as 3D graphic designs. You can have them on the company websites so that people can view the animated version about the business.


With our experience across the diverse industries, we are well equipped to understand any sort of business and implement any creative idea that could prove engaging for your target audience. Get hold of the prospects you have been missing out on with the most engaging form of content today.