Increase your email response

Dot 5 Design has a purpose to go into details. Email signatures might sound like no big deal but when there is an email sent every 0.00000035 seconds, it has to be taken into account. Every professional’s inbox is flooded with emails and if someone opens your email, it has to have a very comprehensive and attractive email signature with graphic design to gain attention and the perfect call to action.

Our experts know how to arrange the right signature for an industry. We make sure it is short yet comprehensive to encourage your prospect to get back to you.


Engage with your email signature

Dot 5 Design is aware of the fact that a perfect signature includes small yet no distracting images and logos. Our experts use your corporate colors in the best and most creative manner in the icons required. Social media icons are also added to promote you further. All this requires the perfect graphic design and we make that happen.

The font chosen has to be elegant and classy. It reflects on what sort of a personality your business has. Choosing the wrong font can portray your business as unprofessional as it might be a very casual one or project the wrong image. We reflect the right image through email signature, which will make the reader take your emails seriously.

Then the color is the second important part. Most of the businesses use black as it reflects seriousness and professionalism. It is also the safest of all colors. Yet you always have the option to be different with Dot 5 Design. With our creative team, you might be choosing on a color you did not even think of but it will surely give your email signature that comparative advantage over the others.

Do not overwhelm your reader

Dot 5 Design knows where to stop to get you the perfect email signature. Too much information should be avoided. Only the most important details should be mentioned to keep the reader engaged. It is very important for the people contacting someone for the first time through the email. You do not want to scare the reader away. Make the person comfortable and like you, through the sort of relevant information provided by you in your email signature. Too much information can even make you look desperate. We do not encourage anything extra such as including a favorite quotation or an attached file to go with as well but if you really want to, we can come up with the best possible way to include them so that the reader does not lose interest.