Logo Design Brisbane

At Dot 5 Design, we believe that a logo is a graphic that communicates the identity and concept of a particular business. It is an element that can create a lasting impression in a prospect’s mind. We are aware of the fact that as your trademark your logo communicates the soul of your business in the most comprehensive way. Dot 5 Design specializes in making the most impressive logo designs Brisbane has to offer to your business.


Experts at Dot 5 Design understand that a logo should be designed with utmost care to prevent undesirable interpretations and confusions. Therefore with their creative mindset they design logos that communicate the right message by picking the best possible idea about your brand.



Business Analysts at Dot 5 Design, focus mainly on four factors:


The image conveys a lot literally as well as metaphorically. We at Dot 5 Design analyze the socio-economic factors such as the culture of the target audience and their personal choices to help you select the right image for your logo. We also check what your competitors are using in order to help you have a unique and customized logo.


Shape is another important factor that needs in-depth analysis of your needs and your audience’s expectations. We communicate with you regarding the shape that best suits your business’s image and design your logo to create the impression that will contribute to the success you desire.


Deciding on the color is a tough call as well. A color is supposed to be according to the nature of the business you are in. We assist you in choosing the right color for your brand and take your advice to meet your needs for the perfect logo design Brisbane audience could love.


Our experts are well versed in current typographical trends. They select the correct typography for your logo to help you make your mark among your competitors and gain popularity with your consumer.

What words can make my business thrive?

Our creative experts at Dot 5 Design help you come up with the perfect slogan and the most relevant typography to convey the right message to your audience not just in Brisbane but all over the globe.

Every decision is a big decision

At Dot 5 Design, every decision is a big decision when it comes to designing a logo. You require experience and creativity at the same time; therefore, we walk an extra mile to provide you the ultimately communicative logos design that your audience will admire.


With our experience across the diverse industries, we are well equipped to understand any sort of business and implement any creative idea that could prove engaging for your target audience. Get hold of the prospects you have been missing out on with the most engaging form of content today.