Make your logo and identity memorable

Motion Graphics are a popular way to enhance the movement and effects of company logos or text. It is a proficient combination of images, sound, words and video.Dot 5 Design knows the importance of the image portrayed thought motion graphics. To position your company as superior in Brisbane this is a great way to enhance the look of your logo and company. We know how to make the perfect motion graphic for you.


The more you wait for it, the more you remember it

You always see big news channels and other television channels having an impressive intro to their logo and slogan making sure that you notice it. They even take a significant amount of time and motion graphics before they unveil the logo just to keep it in suspense so you want to see it more badly. The more you wait to see it, the more are the chances that you will remember it.


Effects like the logo zooming in and out or the light appearing in the background and then blurring away is what makes the viewer try to concentrate more and more on what you have to offer. Rotation is a very popular technique of motion graphics, if used in the right place and the right sense. At Dot 5 Design, our experts know how to entice your viewer with the perfect motion graphics and make them never forget you. We come up with creative ideas to portray your company as superior.


The type of motion graphic depends on who you are targeting. If you are targeting the teenagers, you should avoid something professional and serious. You have to play with different colors such as bright and sparkling which will reflect towards your target audience. You have to come up with the right background music, the right images, the perfect font style and color to make a lasting impression.


No matter what kind of motion graphic being demanded, we know all about it may it be indent, sting, title, credit sequence and what not. We have been in this business for a long time and we have inherited the secret formulas to make sure our motion graphics sells for you.Make your visual effects count with the best motion graphics in Brisbane


Make the deal by creating a lasting impression that your prospect cannot get out of the mind with the prefect business card design in Brisbane .